by Skylar Hughes

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Moon Eyes was written and recorded by Skylar Hughes with help from many good friends and family from summer 2016 to spring 2017 in California and New York.

Skylar - vocals, guitar, shakers, sticks, bells, thumping


Jacqueline Suskin - vocals (tracks 3 & 5)
Will Lawrence - kit, bass (track 9)
Greg Marino - saxophone, clarinet (tracks 3, 4, & 5)
Paul Salvo - trumpet (track 9)
Jon Rodriguez - guitar (track 5)

Ross, Ethan, David, Adam, Chau, Joyce, Cody, Vincent,
Trevor, Phil, Jay - vibes, thoughts, know-how, generosity. Thank you.

Mastered by Tim Stimpson

For Jac


released May 10, 2017



all rights reserved


Skylar Hughes Los Angeles, California


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Track Name: Wrist / Wings of the Night
Wrist / Wings of the Night

All I can hear are the bells chiming.
All I can see are the lights of fireflies
on the wings of the night.
All I can smell is the juniper on your wrist.
All I can taste is the apple on your lips.
All I can feel is your hand in mine.
Track Name: Colors

Orange afternoon
Blue lake
Red apples
Olive skin
White spotted feathers
Black shadows
Brown socks and brown boots
Blonde wise hair
Silver gleaming light
Golden glowing mystery

Do you see
the same colors
as me?
Track Name: Canopy

I hear the story of your death,
I want to be your lover.
Track Name: Moon Eyes
Moon Eyes

That big old moon ain't goin' nowhere,
Wolves are gonna howl no matter what you do.
Valleys don't take from the peak, they lead.

How holy is that golden thread
Looped between our hearts,
Strung between you and me.
So strong, that line goes on.
So wild, that ride we're on.
So bright, that light's shining on.
So true, for a while was me and you.

Only light is going to show you where,
And only love is going to take you there.
Track Name: California Calling
California Calling

So long friend, California begins.
Forget me not, you're all in my heart.

Can you feel it calling for you
the way it called on me
back then,
and for now?
And what says who
and how
the light's shining on now?
Who decides?
Because it ain't me
and it just ain't you.


Thought I saw you
on the boulevard last night.
Turns out, it was another
beautiful one.
Track Name: Seems Poem
Seems Poem

So what if I'm one by day
and another by night.
You don't ask the sky
Hey, why are you blue,
or what the ocean does to the shore?

I know there's a reason why,
it's particles in the sky and
what the whole ocean's doing.
But it doesn't matter,
not all things need a reason why,
they are just what they are.

I'm singing folks now.
I'm a kind-of singer now,
because whatever's coming my way
is coming my way.
And I let it all in
and I let it all out
and I live with
and I live without.
And you're up on the mountain now,
on the mountain now,
and I hope you never come down
even when you do,
so you can stay in that space
with the light shining on you.

We've known love,
and we have love,
and we're full of it.
So much now to give,
so open up your heart
and let it in.

Seems we all know
about that grit and grime
And that, too, will pass,
just give it some time.
It takes all these points
to make up a line.
I'm drawing mine, here
working on a dream.
On and on,
on a dream.
Track Name: United by Dreams
United by Dreams

That dream is yours,
and this one is mine.
We're dreaming
all the time.
In there I see you,
beaming through
green and blue.

As we go we go toward you.
For what are we and who are you
and how's anybody to know?
Still, some things we don't catch,
we never do.
It goes on and on.


How far
and how long.
I feel that pull, so strong.

Wrote your name
in the sand,
hundreds of feet long.
I write it on and on.

Only going
to the mountain top,
I want so bad to know
what's there to be got.
And what's my name,
and what's my place,
Where do I
Track Name: Whom

Oh my hands, they're small but my own.
Oh my feet, they're like one then the other.
Oh my eyes, they're wide.
Oh my sea, it's crashing over me
crushing old me.
All swept up in one big gust of wind,
Oh my land, it's a guiding hand.

Oh my city, it's humming and gleaming.
Everybody's buzzing
talking who they was and
whom they're busy

We're all stone raising,
big blue gazing
stick poking
moss cloaking
dusk glowing
all knowing.